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Avishock Bird Control System

The Avishock bird control system isn't a physical barrier to deter birds, it modifies their behaviour by touch. When the bird comes into contact with the track it emits a small electric pulse which then deters the birds from returning to the area.

The control system is effective against all bird species and Avishock is proven not to harm birds and is the perfect answer for use alongside bird netting, bird wires and bird spikes on difficult to proof areas.

avishock bird control

Avishock Bird Control

All too often we see examples of beautifully designed new or historic buildings, spoilt either by birds and their debris or by highly visible bird control methods installed as an afterthought.

Avishock™ is ideal for complex projects, which including signage, as well as mainstream sites, offering a visually discreet solution. At just 8mm high, the track is almost impossible to see from ground level, whilst its robust material specification and design guarantees reliable performance over a long lifetime


Avishock™ is the leading brand of electric bird deterrent, offering a discreet alternative to traditionally obtrusive methods of protecting both new and old buildings. Avishock™ has been used extensively worldwide for many years on a wide range of projects, from large commercial facilities to protected heritage sites. Avishock™ is made up of a number of components, ensuring that each system is designed to perfectly suit the application.

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Discreet Bird Control

The tracks are very discreet when installed on buildings

bird post and wire system

Weather Proof Components

All of our components are weather proof to give many years of trouble free bird control

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