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Bird Netting at Longford Athletics Club, Stretford

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The Site

Longford Athletics Club, situated within Longford Park in Stretford

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The Pest Bird Problem

A 34 metre long canopy covers the stadium seating area and it has recently undergone a major overhaul with a new roof being installed and re-painting. An existing bird net was removed to enable the works to be carried out and as the park is in close proximity Pigeons and Starlings have been a problem in the past roosting and nesting beneath the canopy with their droppings fouling the footpaths and seating beneath causing a health hazard.

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Our Starling net was specified to replace the bird netting system that was removed to exclude any birds from the area. The net was installed over 1.5 days and programmed around existing Athletics events.


The pigeons were displaced from the canopy areas

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