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The Problem

There are 2 offices using hundreds of computers in Bracknell in Berkshire. The plant rooms, housing all the air conditioning and air extraction machinery, are situated on the roof of each building. The shelter and heat generated attracted pigeons which started to nest and foul the walkways and machinery causing a health hazard. The only problem was that the roofs measured 75 x 30metres and 50 x 30metres

19mm bird control netting


After careful consideration it was decided that our 50mm bird netting system would be installed over each of the roof plant areas to exclude the pigeons. This is one of the largest nets ever installed in a single piece and it had to be manufactured specially for this job.

50mm bird control netting


The pigeons were displaced from the plant room areas.

Meet our Clients

These are just some of the commercial clients who we have carried out bird control works for