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Pigeon Deterrent for Central London

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The Site

Babylon Restaurant, Kensington High Street, London - One hundred feet above Kensington High Street, London is the Babylon restaurant with 3 themed gardens, 70 full size trees a flowing stream stocked with fish and 4 flamingos

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The Problem

The rooftop houses the plant needed to air condition and heat the building below, a perfect shelter for London's pigeons. Pigeons were roosting and nesting around the plant as it was an undisturbed section of the building and the heat generated by the machinery provided a nice warm environment

bird control London


Our recommendations had to consider an effective deterrent which would allow access to the area for engineering work, allow for possible future removal and replacement of plant and look aesthetically pleasing. Our first task was to remove the existing pigeons and droppings and then sanitize the area with a biocide. Following on from this our PREMNET03, 50mm diameter bird netting was installed above and around the plant area to prevent birds from entering. Access clips were incorporated into the netting structure to allow access and future maintenance works.

Other Considerations: The architects also wanted to protect the 3 outer perimeter walls so our multi post bird wire system was approved for this. Our bird spike system could have been used but the architects didn't want any visual deterrents to be seen from ground level


The pigeons were displaced from the plant room areas and surrounding walls leaving a clean area. The works were carried out for J. Sisk construction over 2 phases

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