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The Site

GKN Chep, Trafford Park, Manchester - The Chep pallet factory is located on Trafford Park, Manchester

The Pest Bird Problem

Pallets are manufactured and repaired at this facility and are used by the food industry so cleanliness is paramount. Food manufacturers expect pallets to be available as and when needed and this created a problem whereby pallets had to be stored ready for dispatch at a moments notice. The pallets were stored beneath the main outside canopy and a satellite canopy to protect them from the elements and this is where the pigeons started to roost with droppings contaminating the pallets


After careful consideration it was decided that our 50mm bird netting system should be installed along the canopy roofs and sides of the structures to exclude the pigeons.

Other Considerations: We considered using the bird spike system but the bird netting was the best option


The pigeons were displaced from the canopy areas

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