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Bird Wire System for Walsall Housing Group

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The Site

Walsall Housing Group new office building - A brand new purpose built office block was recently built for the Walsall Housing Group in Walsall, West Midlands.

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The Problem

One of the walls of the new building was a complete flush glass facade with their own design logo etched into the glass. Pigeons are prevalent in this area as it is close to the town center of Walsall. The Architects were concerned that birds may come in to land on the building roof ledge and that droppings would eventually deface the glass facade.

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We had to consider the location of the building and the overall finished look of the bird deterrent, coupled with the extent of the pigeon activity. As it was a new build and the birds hadn't used it as a previous roost, it was decided that the bird wire and post system would be the most unobtrusive and effective. Other Considerations: The architects also considered the bird spike system but decided that the bird wire system would be the most unobtrusive.

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Over 500 meters of the bird wire system were installed to the roof line edge. The works were carried out for J. Sisk construction over 2 phases.

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