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Bird Wire Lincoln

Bird Wire System for Siemens, Lincoln

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The Site

Re-furb of Siemens offices in Central Lincoln.

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The Problem

The new build has a cladded exterior with window reveals up to 400mm deep. As pigeons are prevalent in the area there was a risk that they would roost on these protected ledges with their droppings fouling the ledges and facade of the building.

bird wire control system


The main concern was that the cladding of the building couldn't be compromised to avoid any future water ingress and they wanted a system that was aesthetically pleasing. Our bird wire system deterrent was decided upon as it would be the most unobtrusive and could be secured using our high tack adhesive. The adhesive has to be especially strong as it has to cope with a side pressure from the sprung wires of up to 20lb's

Other Considerations:  Our bird spike system could have been used but the architects didn't want any visual deterrents to be seen from ground level.


The bird wire system was installed to the window ledge reveals, the works were carried out for Lindum construction.

Meet our Clients

These are just some of the commercial clients who we have carried out bird control works for