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Bird Netting at National Express Coach Station

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The Site

National Express Coach station, Birmingham - The recently refurbished National Express coach station in Birmingham had a problem with Pigeons in the main customer hallway and in the office atrium with droppings fouling all the areas.

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The Problem

The Pigeons were entering the hallway through the automatic doors and were roosting on a 200mtr long curved lighting gantry which runs the full length of the main passenger hallway at the Birmingham coach station. This area provided shelter and heat for the Pigeons. Pigeons were also roosting on the internal window ledges and lights. We were contacted to come up with a solution to prevent the birds from roosting inside the building. Outside the Pigeons were roosting in the inner Atrium which was 3 storeys high. This presented an access problem as scaffold couldn't be used as it would have needed a crane to lift it over the building and into the Atrium. The solution was to use our Abseiling team to clean the bird droppings from the window ledges

19mm bird control netting


Our recommendations had to consider an effective deterrent which would prevent pigeons from accessing the gantry, but also allow access to the lights within the gantry for future servicing, and look aesthetically pleasing.  Following on from this our PREMNET03, 50mm diameter bird netting was installed along the whole of the 400mtr  gantry perimeter up to ceiling level to prevent birds from entering. Access clips were incorporated along the whole base of the netting structure to allow access for future maintenance works. The internal window ledges were also netted to prevent the birds from landing.
Our stainless steel bird spikes were installed onto 15 door pods and onto all the internal wall lights. This has denied the birds any internal landing areas so they no longer come into the hallway

Other Considerations: The architects also wanted to protect the inner Atrium. The open Atrium was allowing the Pigeons to roost on the lower window ledges in an undisturbed area between the offices and customer hallway. The solution was to install a net over the top of the atrium to stop the birds from entering the area. This work was carried out after our Abseiling team went in to clean all the ledges of the bird droppings.


The pigeons were displaced from the inner customer hallway and Atrium. The work was carried out directly for National Express over 2 phases

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