Bird Control Netting

Bird Netting Control System

Bird Netting for Mercedes Manchester

bird netting

The Site

Mercedes car showroom on Ashton Old Road, Manchester

bird control

The Problem

The Mercedes showroom has an external used car display housed beneath a 25 metre long canopy to protect the cars. Birds had started to roost and nest under the canopy with their droppings fouling the cars and floors beneath. This not only posed a health hazard but the acid in the bird droppings will mark the cars paintwork if left on for too long. Whilst the cars are washed regularly they didn't need to be done on a daily basis.

50mm bird control netting


We were contacted to provide a solution to prevent the birds from roosting and nesting so we installed our 50mm net system to exclude the birds.

19mm bird control netting


No more birds roosting and the cars are kept clean with paintwork unharmed.

Meet our Clients

These are just some of the commercial clients who we have carried out bird control works for