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Bird Netting

Bird netting is our most requested product for protecting structures against birds, and when installed correctly it is 100% successful in keeping the selected pest birds away.

We fully design and install bird netting systems using our own fully trained and experienced staff or we can supply the net and fixings for self installation.

Quotes can be provided for individual installations either from site plans and specifications or we can carry out site surveys to determine the best bird control solution.

Our in house NEBOSH accredited safety personnel can provide the relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements and all our staff are IPAF trained and have the relevant CSCS cards.

bird netting

Premier Bird Control netting

- suitable for all structures

- virtually invisible when correctly installed

- totally weatherproof, rot proof, U.V. stabilised and chemically inert

- suitable for small area ledges to complete roofs and facades

- manufactured to size to reduce wastage

- available in flame retardant material

pigeon netting

High Quality Bird Netting

All of our nets are manufactured from knotted 12/6 polyethylene strands which have a breaking strain of around 20kg's.

They don't absorb water and so will not rot and are virtually unaffected by extremes of temperature and have outstanding electrical insulating properties.

The nets are available in black, stone or translucent, flame retardant nets are also available.

Access behind the nets is achieved by installing net zips or clips and our 'bird scape' product is used as a one way escape route for any trapped birds.

50mm pigeon net

Bird Net Sizes and Colours





50mm pigeon net

Bird Control Netting

The idea of bird netting is to provide an impenetrable barrier to the pest bird species, causing no harm to the birds and displacing the population to other areas.

This is achieved by first choosing the correct size of bird netting for the species of pest bird. A tensioned wire, either galvanised or stainless steel, is then installed around the periphery of the structure, with any additional cross wires being installed to carry the weight of the bird net. The net is then fastened to the wires using hog rings.

It all sounds quite simple but the installation of bird netting is considered to be a professional task and D.I.Y. installation should be carefully thought out as a single mistake can make the difference between success and failure of the system, and if access equipment is needed to carry out the work then first time success is needed to be cost effective.

50mm pigeon net

Bird Net Access

Once you have your bird net installed you may need to gain access to change lights or service equipment.

This is easily achieved with our stainless steel net clips, simply place the clips onto the net and then cut, when you need access just unclip the net.

50mm pigeon net

Specification Sheet

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