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Bird Control Spikes

Our bird spikes are a humane and effective deterrent to the problems of birds roosting and nesting on ledges, signs, roofs, window cills, in fact any structure, they are most effective against Pigeons and Seagulls.

Bird spikes don't harm the birds, the upright pins are fixed into a polycarbonate base and are flexible, so when a bird tries to land on a surface the movement of the pins makes the bird think the area is unstable so they are deterred from landing.

bird netting

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Our P4 stainless steel spikes are manufactured from 304 grade stainless and mounted on a UV stabilised durolon base. The UV stabilization means that it wont crack in sunlight giving it many years of trouble free service.

Key Features

Ledge protection up to 300mm wide

304 grade stainless steel with 25 year anti rust warranty

Thicker wire, 1.42mm wire for increased tensile strength.

Permanent lock wire clasp making it virtually impossible for the wires to come out.

Less adhesive is required to hold the sections in place. Ten 'keying' holes have been incorporated into the base so the adhesive oozes through the holes and locks the spike onto the surface.

The pins have a length of 330mm and a tensile strength of 1600N/mm

pigeon netting

Polycarbonate Bird Spikes

The P4 Polycarbonate bird spikes are made from tough Durolon and are U V stabilised. The spikes will protect ledges up to 200mm wide and come with a 10 year warranty.

These bird spikes are more visible from the ground but cost less than the stainless steel version. So if aesthetics aren't a priority these are an ideal solution.

2 point bird spikes

Two Pin Bird Spikes

P2 stainless spikes will cover ledges from 25mm - 100mm

bird spikes on gutters

Gutter Bird Spikes

Gutter clips are available for attaching the spikes to gutters without affecting water flow.

Simply click the spike onto the clip and then slide onto your gutter, available for stainless and polycarbonate spikes.

We also have solutions to fix the spikes onto opening windows, curved and angled ridge tiles and chimney pots.

bird spikes

Solar Panel Protection

Solar Panel Bird Spikes prevents pigeons, seagulls and other birds from gaining access under solar panels. It comes pre-assembled with a choice of 4 different stainless steel pins of varying heights to protect gaps between the roof tiles and the solar panel of up to 15 cm.

The pins do not touch the solar panel so there is no chance of invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.

50mm pigeon net

Specification Sheet

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