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Bird Control Post and Wire System

The Bird wire system is for use against Pigeons and Seagulls in areas where their presence is considered to be a light population, it is ideal for new buildings where birds have not yet started to roost and for roof ledges on glass fronted buildings to prevent bird droppings from fouling the facade.

It is almost invisible from ground level and will provide an effective bird control solution with no maintenance required. We offer a full design and installation service or we can supply the products direct for self installation.

bird wire

Bird Wire Control System

This system consists of nylon coated Stainless Steel wires that are tensioned by a spring and secured between posts. As the birds try to land feet first they encounter the unstable wire and are deterred from trying to land on the structure.

Key Features

Ledge protection up to 300mm wide

304 grade stainless steel with 25 year anti rust warranty

Thicker wire, 1.42mm wire for increased tensile strength.

Permanent lock wire clasp making it virtually impossible for the wires to come out.

Less adhesive is required to hold the sections in place. Ten 'keying' holes have been incorporated into the base so the adhesive oozes through the holes and locks the spike onto the surface.

The pins have a length of 330mm and a tensile strength of 1600N/mm

bird control wire

Stainless Steel Posts

The posts and wires are manufactured from stainless steel and come with a 25 year guarantee against rusting

bird post and wire system

Mechanical Fixing

A nylon rivet is inserted into a drilled hole and then the post is hammered into place. The rivets have domed heads to help prevent ingress of water.

bird wire system

Adhesive System

There is a flat post holder that can be glued into position to remove the need for drilling into structures.

bird wire holders

Multi Post Holders

If you need to cover a wide ledge then our multi post holder is ideal to reduce the number of fixings required.

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Specification Sheet

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